not X-men, but X-WOMAN

29 Mar

a number of you may have already heard that a new human species may have been discovered…

this one, if confirmed as a new species, will mean that there are 3 species of humans that once/are walking the face of earth. Homo neandethalensis, Homo sapiens and now X-woman.

scientists discovered a fossilized child’s last finger in some cave in russia. so, naturally they sequenced it. the immediate sequencing was done using mitochondrial DNA, since there’s an ‘abundance’ of in in the fossil. although mitochondrial DNA contains very little information abt the child’s genotype and phenotype, scientists still found that the mitochondrial genetic sequence is very much different from Homo neanderthanlensis and Homo sapiens.

so the next thing that scientists are doing is to carefully extract nuclear DNA from the last finger and to duplicate it to a quantity thats sufficient to conduct various sequencing and genetic screening.

its interesting to think that while only one species of hominids exist for the past few thousands of yrs, there may have been different species of hominids living a million yrs ago. the fossilised child’s little finger dates back to approximately 50000 yrs ago.. thats, not that far back on the evolutionary scale.

afterall, there is evidence that our ancestors, neanderthals wear decorative jewelry and made tools which suggest that they had higher knowledge. maybe Homo sapiens had some significant advantage over the ancestors…. something always has a significant advantage over another species. thats why i say, the end of the world, isnt as dead as it sounds to be..

the other human species which scientists are still disputing over whether or not to categorise as a true species, has been scientifically named Homo florensiensis. though scientifically named, (which means it has a genus and a species name), many scientists are still in disagreement of this. to laymen, this might be know as the hobbit, discovered in indonesia a few yrs back.

what would life have been like if we weren’t the only human species around? would the other hominids be kept as animals? would they have evolved as successfully as we have?

wouldn’t the term human race have an entirely different meaning?

an entirely different meaning…


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