back to horseshoe crabs

28 Mar

since ICCS last yr, ive not been to kranji mudflats… so, going there yesterday, only to see a huge mess of garbage AGAIN was so disappointing.

i was told that it probably is the change in directions of the monsoon, that brought all the rubbish in. so, i hope ppl will realise the importance of littering into any water body, because it all leads to the sea, and the sea must end at some land. all the rubbish gathers there, and it just creates this unsightly, unhygenic, and nature-disruptive scene which is heart breaking.

coastal clean ups wont matter must if rubbish keeps coming in! argh…

anyway, after 3 months of no horseshoe crabs, im happy that im back at it again..

we collected a whole bunch of horseshoe crab as usual. here’s one at close up.

we spent abt 2 hrs collecting them, and walking toe-first in the mud is causing my thigh and calf muscles to hurt like i ran for 5 hrs…

i saw one horseshoe crab without an eye…

quite sad to look at. but i dont think its a result of human abuse… maybe a bird pecked on it…

high point was that instead of finding a mating pair, i found a threesome! “young HSCs these days…. sigh… no morals..” haha!

after recording the data of almost 250 HSC, we put them back, and guess what!

here’s one with quite a lot of barnacles… hasnt moulted in a while..

 i saw a mating pair… these HSCs were well on form! they’re using every free time they have to mate!!!

and we still havent found where they stash their eggs!

oh well…

CC went to cut the fishing lines, cos the HSCs get entangled in them..

after washing up, we stood around and chatted for a while. and then we saw these bunch of ppl with a bucket of flower crabs. apparently they fish for them in the water by laying traps. and then coming back to collect the traps. and they said that it was a good day for collection.

back on land, they use rubber bands to keep their claws in place, cos it seems the flower crabs fight.

and then they sell. or rear. or bbq them….

“is this legal” i asked someone. who replied, “its not illegal.” and “if they are catching crabs like this everyday, sooner or later, the crab population will suffer”


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