flora and fauna in Cambodia (Part 1)

22 Mar

would it be wrong to say this was the most exciting part for me in Cambodia??? hehe… here’s half the pics of what i enjoyed so much!

mosquito hanging on a plant.

nice flower.

wood louse?

what is this plant??? the dried up fruit is below. didnt have the opportunity to open it up to see what the insides look like. looks like bitter gourd…

a type of beetle..

some larvae? or worm?

a spider, that has probably been eaten by some bird? or an insect… so, now you know how the spider looks on the inside… its my first time seeing this too!

cicadas were creating such a havoc! but i could not even spot 1! unlike in labrador, when tidechaser managed to get nice snapshots of the cicadas! all i could get was the cicada rain, which was in itself, a great thrill for me!

so anyway, all i could get here was the moult.

a doggy sleeping so cozily… awww….

a chihuahua…………. = paris hilton = gross…

a bug that landed on our dinner plate while we were eating at the orphanage.

nice flower. what is this called? anyone?

a bigger version of the flower..

my fav…… i want…. sunflowers are the only flowers that bring a smile to my face, no matter how sad i am………. they just wanna make me smile………. they deserve a smile from me, no matter how i feel… 🙂

more colourful flowers.

sea coconut.

caterpillar. which, i stroked. which on hindsight, maybe isnt such a good idea… cos i understand some caterpillars spray things when they feel threatened. so, unless i know which caterpillars spray things, i should probably “see, no touch”.

shore birds? of course.. when there are abundant fishes…….. why not..

perched on stilts.

more to come..

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