teenage life: then and now

21 Mar

so some of us were discussing something serious, when we said, “we wouldnt do that… the kids now are so different.

so as we drifted off to talking abt ‘last time’…….

how high socks were THE FASHION STATEMENT OF THE YEAR. we’d wear socks as high up till just below the calf muscle. thats for sch. for shopping, J-Pop was the in thing then. though i wasnt a j-pop fan, high socks were everywhere. ppl wore socks as high as just above the knee, with a small ribbon on the outer side.

from what i remember, from the time that our batch left JC, many RJcians started wearing ankle socks. soon after, alot of elite JC and sec sch students started wearing ankle socks to give the sporting look. and then ankle socks caught fire. everyone everywhere had never heard of the time when high socks were in fashion. i remember telling my babies this in sec 2, and they gave me this face which said, “what planet were you from? such ugly sense of fashion!” haha

mid-ribs were at the height of the fashion statement then. it was ridiculous. you could see girls everywhere, in really short tops, in a slightly high waisted pair of pants/skirt. and then, the tops became longer. long, just enough to stop, just before the pants/skirts start.

mid-ribs are unheard off. instead, the tops are so long, ppl cover their butt with their tops! and wear it with leggings, which i personally cant stand, cos in my impression, leggings are things aunties and grandmothers wear. but hey, im not from this generation.

remember cross-colours!?!?!?! haha… anyone from that era, would remember. that was like the punk-iest street wear ever. no guy was ever ‘in’ if he didnt own a pair of cross-colours pants. the most famous brand for cross-colours? ALIEN WORKSHOP!!!! aaaaaaaahahahaha….

(for those from this generation who dont know what cross-colours is: a pair of pants is divided into 4 parts, front back top bottom. so you’d have 2 colours alternating with these 4 parts)

and then there was the baggy pants. cos hip-hop was the ‘in’ culture then. everyone wanted to behave like they were break dancers. at orchard mrt, above, you would see ppl just trying to show some moves now and then, cos you know, they obviously had nothing better to do then to dance at such a small cramped up space.

btw, the pants were so loose and low, ppl had to get nice undies, just in case. if you know what i mean.

for girls, it was all abt hipsters. bell bottoms, and hipsters.

cross colours? huh??? whats that? you see, cross colours were like, urgh! out went ALIEN WORKSHOP! in came Levi’s. more ppl started buying Levi’s and now, there’s this other ridiculous thing called skinny jeans, which i seriously cant stand.

anyway, pants remain just as low, for most part of the era.

77th Street was like the coolest place to hang out.

77th Street is just another street accessory shop, among many other street accessory shops.

Ocean Pacific, Billabong, Stussy, Elle were virtually unaffordable. whenever anyone has any of these brands, we’d go like, “wah… she must be rich!”

everyone has something to do with either OP, Billabong. my goodness. we even have students owning Armani, Lacoste, etc……. even their socks are from Adidas.


the boyband era meant that hair-dos were similar to those dog ears-cum-hang-by-the-side-of-the-face kind of look. almost every guy wanted to be a model-wannabe, by using his hands to run through his hair down the back of his head.

and then, beckham made another fashion statement, by playing soccer with his hair standing up right down the middle! how the heck does he do a header with such a hair-do?

if your hair isnt looking like it’s electricuted, you are out-of fashion. it’s called structured messiness.

such a long way…………… sooner or later, today’s fashion statement will become outdated. as did retro, when the pop era kicked its way in…

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  1. nicolai hansen

    May 14, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    i can’t read shit 🙂 but good 🙂


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