Log of Cambodia S-L (Day 5 and 6)

21 Mar

Day 5 at Cambodia.

second last day. woke up early. like at 4.30am, so that we can leave hotel early and catch the sunrise at Ang Kor Wat temple.

and the sunrise was pretty.

here was the place where everyone gathered to watch the sunrise..

the guide spoke quite a bit abt the history of Ang Kor Wat and gave us insights into alot of information. was good. we walked on and saw the insides. and seriously, the pictures dont do good… its marvellous how this was built, as were many other architectural monuments built during those days.

marvellous scenery..

as we left the main temple, we saw a bunch of monkeys. here’s one of the students going as close he dares to take the pic.

along the way to the bus, we saw this group of ppl gambling.

the second temple we went to was also incredible. see these huge boulders of rocks…

see this tree that is so old that it needed support…

a story told of this tree, whose roots weaved through the boulders when still small. then over time, the roots grew large and hard, and broke the boulders apart. now, pipes and steel pillars are used to support some parts of the temple, to prevent it from collapsing.

after the temple visits, we headed back to the hotel to check out. so, here’s my hotel room for the last 4 nights…

enroute to phonm penh..

stopped for ice cream on the way…

on our way, our tour guide stopped us by this place where they sold fried crickets and some other water bug… yep, gross.

but Goon bought 1 cricket. Ist said he’ll try one leg.. eeeeeeeeeeeeee

then Goon bit off the head of the cricket. and said it was crunchy. Ist said, it tasted plain. others commented abt it tasting like chips…

“its your last chance… you want the remaining half?” Goon asked me…. and for a moment, i was actually considering whether i should give it a go… but alas, i couldnt muster my courage… and then i heard our tour guide chew the remaining half, crunchy sounds coming out of his mouth… eeeeeeeeee

we got off half way and took horsecart rides to a village that was supported by NGO. we paid for rice and donated 5kg rice packets to 28 households.

we entered the village.

and we saw this well that was funded by SGH singapore.

here’s a shot of how the house looks inside.

reached phenom penh at night. had dinner. some girls had fever and we were quite worried for them… but at least we brought them to see doc…

Day 6 at Cambodia

the cityscape at the capital of cambodia..

we went over to the genocide museum and then over to the killing fields, and i think that requires a post on its own..

more on the killing fields and genocide museum later.

thereafter, we went over to the Russian Market, just like a basar… nothing much to shop there. the only exciting thing that anyone bought was EdW who bought a rubber band gun. haha…

headed straight to airport after that.

i really appreciate out cambodian tour guide, who stayed with us throughout. planned the itinerary. suggested improvements to our plan. suggested ideas. made the trip a whole lot more meaningful…

i’ll put up his namecard. he’s a good and trustworthy tour guide, who sees meaning in sharing his country’s story and history. worth engaging.

Thanks Tek for being with us.

landing in singapore, heaved a sigh of relief again. all safe. no major casualties. all of those who fell sick have recovered. so thats great.

another great service-learning trip. with quite a bit of follow ups to continue..

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