Log of Cambodia S-L (Day 3-4)

20 Mar

Day 3 in Cambodia

the groups were split. one went for leather carving, one did mass dance lessons, one painted shelves, another painted rooms. and all rotated themselves without any instructions. im glad they had initiative.

its wasnt any less hectic.

students scrambled to file the shelves that we did the day before using sand paper. the dust was so much that our eyes got irritated.

after filing, we painted the shelves. yellow. then the locals carried out the shelves to get them dried in the sun.

meanwhile, the locals went to put up the skeleton of the roof that we did the day before.

while the rest of our students started with the tedious task of painting the room. actually, its only 2 walls, but still, for students who probably never painted that extensively all their lives, it must have been hard.

 we went out for lunch, really quite exhausted by the first quarter of the day. this brochure i found under the glass of the dining table brought me back to reality of how child abuse still exists in many countries.

education is really the only way to get people to realise. so maybe character education isnt as natural as i always thought it to be.

maybe some ppl dont feel that its wrong to do certain things. afterall, social norms are depicted by ppl. and ppl decide whats moral and whats not.


back to the orphanage, we continued painting the room.

soon enough. the shelves dried, and we carried the shelves into the room.

i walked out for a while to check out how the mass dance group was doing, and i saw the locals making a plague for us…!

they played volleyball with the students. and played other simple games. like they held everyone’s hands and had to run around once 1 pair touches their hands. others played “mother hen”. others just jumped around and laughed and watched others play.

when the plague was finally done and put up…. i just stood there for a while, appreciating the hand made effort by the cambodians. the frame was sculptured by them. the words, so intricately carved.

the sky soon turned dark, it was time for dinner. dinner this time, we catered for almost everyone to eat.

we had a group photo..

there are quite a number of our students in this pic… see if you can spot them… (:

and then later we had campfire… and i remember telling my other colleagues that maybe we should show them how to build a campfire like how we do in singapore. layer by layer and then the fire will grow real large… but, what i saw there was just simple cone shaped firewood base. and a medium sized fire. and a bunch of really happy kids moving around the campfire like how a campfire should really be.

you cant get that kind of campfire in singapore. seriously…… we should change our typical campfires in singapore. its not just singing campfire songs and getting groups to present plays… its just mingling around in an unstructured way…

the second (and last) day at the orphanage was really great. and inspiring. and i hope our students learnt alot. because i sure did. my reflections and thoughts will be in another post…

Day 4 at Cambodia.

on this day, we were going to 2 schools. one, a primary school, where we organised telematches and taught them various sports. and then to another sch in Tonle Sap Lake. a secondary school, where we played basketball with them as part of cultural exchange.

so, after breakfast, we set off straight. along the way, we stopped by to pump air into the bballs, soccerballs, volleyballs that we bought for them.

checked out some housing nearby. 

where ppl gathered for some companionship…. 

we finally reached the primary sch… 

anti-bullying signboard… 

students gathered and waited for us to give instructions..

after some unforseen circumstances and quick rearrangements, my group (IsT and team) got down to work with everyone’s help. and it eventually worked out fine. though with the initial language barrier and being dependant on our cambodian english-speaking tour guide.

here’s a group of students playing monkey with soccer. quite fun. 

while our students were settled, i walked around to see the classroom.

they had 1 indoor classroom. and 1 outdoor classroom.

and another room which was the principal’s room. and this is the principal.

there was no staff lounge. and trs taught the whole morning or afternoon shift.

this organisation chart you see is all the trs they have in that sch. just the 9 of them.

after this, we headed to tonle sap lake. making a stop along part of the roadside to see how villagers made palm sugar (brown sugar / gula melaka).

and we tried sea coconut… that was the first time i tried it straight off from the fruit… i seem to remember eating it before, but cant remember when.

reached tonle sap lake. the boat ride was supposed to be nice. but the brown waters and reflecting sun rays made it a little hard for me to just enjoy the waters as i normally would. too hot. too tired. but, i managed to get these shots of the floating villages.

and crocs at this floating souvenier shop.

and then we dismounted.

and headed off to a secondary sch to play basketball with them.

it was a really long day. we ended back at siem reap for our last night. where Goon, MdJa, and our singapore tour agent and i went for supper. and, the tour agent ate boiled duck foetus…………


yes… im very conservative when it comes to food…

overall days 3 and 4 were tiring and yet enriching…


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2 responses to “Log of Cambodia S-L (Day 3-4)

  1. ongzi

    January 11, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    that was not the true sea coconut.. it was Borassus flabellifer instead.
    sea coconut is Lodoicea maldivica.


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