something abt felling trees

06 Mar

it might not seem like deforestation can make any direct impact on you. and this post certainly isnt abt deforestation. but when we learn in geog abt agriculture and clearing of land masses, we cant visualise what cutting trees actually means…

this land clearing outside my condo, i guess needed to happen because of the construction of the downtown line.

and, at some point, it actually feels kind of sad, to see a tree that took decades to grow, being sawed down, within seconds.

afterall, Hindus believe that even if you have not done a single good deed in your lifetime on earth, you should at least plant a seed before you pass on.

the idealogy of planting trees is that impactful. because it symbolises the next generation. a symbol of vitality and prosperity…

so, to see the trees bleed……. actually kind of feels sad.

and im not even that into plants… this just looks sad..


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