Orca attack at Sea World, Florida

28 Feb

first ppl trap killer whales (orcas).

next ppl try to train orcas.

those which cant be trained are of no use. God know whats done to them.

then they put the orcas into tanks that are huge for humans, but ridiculously minute for orcas.

btw, thats how they study the behaviour and eating and mating habits of orcas. because, as fake researchers, they care so much for the well being of these large creatures, that they dont mind keeping them in ridiculously minute tanks.

and then they open up for guest visits, where thankfully, most sea worlds disallow knocking on the glasspanes. cos that just totally messes up the orca’s life.

once trained, the orcas get to perform. as if thats what they asked for. and nope, whatever money the authorities get from the performances, goes to the physical upgrading of the premises, so that audiences get the best experience the next time they come.

and all this is done, on the basis or orca conservation. thats just bull! just look at this video from 0.44 sec -0.50 sec. the poor orca cant even move an inch!

and look at orcas in the wild. its simply pure beauty, the way these animals embrace the ocean. you just cannot keep them in tanks! its not humane. its not right. thats just not right.

seriously ppl, if orcas and dolphins are known to kill themselves when held captive, why doesnt that stir as much controversy, as when a human gets attacked by the very killer whale they have bullied?

every person who has ever sanctioned the capture of orcas and dolphins for such purposes should suffer at the hands of orcas and dolphins someday… i am not in the least upset abt this attack.

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Posted by on February 28, 2010 in i-Angry, i-Twinge, i-Wish


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