becoming a leader

28 Feb

my ultimate aim as a teacher is to impact students.

ive been constantly told that leadership is a better way to do so because policies made at the higher level helps the greater mass of students. i dont disagree. neither do i fully agree.

many leaders lose focus of the ultimate aim at hand.

blame it on the possibility that maybe i havent seen a leader that really believes that impacting a student’s life is their basis of every policy ever made.

but many a times, leadership seems to be abt getting to the next higher level. with that, impacting students life sometimes becomes 2nd priority. or maybe, policies with the intent of impacting students, but the mere reality and practicality of it just doesnt go well on the ground.

fact is this, the moment you lose touch with what’s happening on the ground, your ideologies preside. what you think is useful takes presidence. which may not always be what is exactly needed.

something policies that require extra admin work comes into play. sometimes awards become one of the KPIs. sometimes its just about whether there are policies documented to show that ppl are trying to improve students lives.

the arguement is that i could be one of those leaders who do things for the benefit of the students. and i know there must be such ppl around. perhaps, i just need to figure what i really want. to lead or not to lead. or how to lead.

though many a times, i honestly think that i am really quite better off as a teacher than anything else. because, my students drive me to be better than i was a year ago. and that makes sense to me.

being a teacher on the ground, rather than someone driving processes to subordinates who do the fieldwork. thats doing what im good at.

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Posted by on February 28, 2010 in i-Lead, i-Reflect


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