the attack of the praying mantis

21 Feb

so we all heard of the female praying mantic devouring the male after mating… seemingly, a male whose head is bitten off triggers better delivery of sperms into the female. and the other theory is that eating the male after mating gives the female nutrition to grow its new egg.

here’s a video that honestly made me cringe a little…

and you have to check out the second pair of mating mantis. the male one actually tries to escape, without his head!

so, mantis being a carnivore, apparently eats not only males of its own species, it also eats other insects like crickets. and lizards. and, as if thats not enough, it also eats birds!

and mouse!

imagine an insect eating mammals!

and snakes!

well, go on to youtube and search for more praying mantis videos… there’re lots of videos…

i’ve got new found respect for this measy little insect….. it’s ferocious!

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Posted by on February 21, 2010 in i-Bio


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