T1W7 updates

21 Feb

1) i finish 10 pieces of work, i get 20 more pieces of work. sometimes, i wonder if i have it in me to complete every single piece of work.

2) meeting with different impt ppl on 1st march, 3rd march, 4th march. mtgs that i need to prepare for. dont feel like saying much abt mtgs. do i prepare to teach or prepare for mtgs?

3) i still love them to bits, and maybe thats why its a little pain to see my babies going on a downward spiral and yet be unable to do anything abt it. but i guess these are things ppl all have to learn, either the hard way or soft way. stopped by for the bbq, and realised i cant stay angry at them for long. and, maybe, they will pick it up afterall…. maybe i should give them more credit. (if they can show me they wont disappoint me for their CT). we’ll see.

4) the more im buying into W’s “its part of life” slogan. ppl come, ppl go. you are happy one day, sad the other. you make mistakes one day, you learn the next. life is so dynamic, we really shouldnt become self-indulgent into something and be emotionally attached to things. detachment, in certain ways, is needed. its easy to say, “its part of life” when things are going smoothly. when it comes down to the crunch, can you say the same thing and move on?

5) selling my soul to the sch reaps nothing significant to what i’ve given. i know i shouldnt expect returns, but, investing so much in something that is so fluid, usually goes nowhere. there are many like me, and i will not be missed. i’d much rather do something that i love…

6) visited body worlds, and it showed why i love for bio. its simply marvellous and amazing and precious how life became what it is today. the sheer complexity of our bodies is …………. beautiful. to appreciate the physiology of our body, makes me happy. i should seriously consider going for MSc.

7) i thought back on the time when En and i used to fight. Jo and i used to discuss abt En. M and En teasing me on wearing stabilo. even friends have become so serious and mature…………. we all grow.

 8) i still havent been able to sleep at nights. im still mentally alert when ive tucked myself into bed. im worried that i might develop insomnia. i need to take care of myself. because no one else can take care of me, but myself.

9) watched Valentine’s Day. a silly movie, not worth watching even if there’s nothing to watch on tv. too bad, wasted $9.50. movies are now becoming a luxury, and im not going for any movies until 2nd semester.

10) 14th to the 20th…………..

it was only 7 days. but it went like, foooooooouuuuuuuurrrrrtteeeeeeeennnnnn, fffffffiiiiiiiffffffttttttteeeeeeeeeeen, ssssssssssiiiiiiiixxxxxxxtttttttteeeeeeeennnnnnnn, sssssssseeeeeeevvvvvvvvvveeeeeeennnnnnnnnntttttteeeeeeeeeeennnnnn, eeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhhhhtttttttteeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn, nnnnnniiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeeetttttttteeeeeeeennnnnnn, twenty… 20th is here. why was i looking forward to this date when there’s supposedly nothing to it? i dont know……..

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