sea cows, dugongs

13 Feb

following the discovery of sea pigs, my next step would inadvertently be trying to find out what other sea ____ there are.

what i already know are sea coconut,  sea cucumber, sea grape, sea apple, sea horse, sea dragon, sea star, sea lion, and sea cow, being the dugongs. i’ll write about dugongs in just a bit. but, you should know the kinds of sea _____ i tried to google!!!

i searched online for sea tiger, sea leopard, sea banana, sea durian, sea goat (which actually is the star sign capricon), sea man, etc…

the ones that came up positive are sea elephant, sea tomato, sea potato, sea monkey, sea lemon, sea lizard, sea onion, sea carrot, sea flower, sea bat…

so this is starting a series of sea bla bla blas that im going to blog abt. lets say, maybe once a month?? haha..

so, here goes abt dugongs..

sea cows (Hydrodamalis gigas) were actually hunted to extinction 200 yrs ago. what remains, the closest living relatives are the dugongs and manatees. the dugongs are also hunted. for meat. as you can see from the pic, they will make quite a meal.

but all the dugongs eat are mainly seagrasses. but with many coastlines where seagrasses are quickly being destroyed by man’s coastal activities, their main source of food is now lacking. their slow reproductive rate, with the females releasing one calf after 13 months of pregnancy. each calf takes 8-18 yrs to be sexually viable. so, given the long periods of time, dugongs only give birth a few times during their 70 yr lifespan. with this, dugongs are now on the ‘vulnerable’ list according to their conservation status.

growing up to 3m long, you can find dugongs in singapore too…. check out wildfacts, to see dugong trails along seagrasses

cute creatures… weird, but cute..

of course, the next on the agenda is to conjure up various fish names and see whats up with that! i mean, parrot fish and goatfish exist. maybe elephant fish exists too!

(and what do you know, there are elephant fish around! i just checked!)

this is so cool!

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