Safari Zoo Run 2010

07 Feb

in memory of Ah Meng.

yep… my first ever run. its a meazy little 6.2km.

when YW and i spoke to DC on monday, we said “6.2km”

DC: what?
us: 6.2km
DC: huh? what?
us: 6.2km
DC: 6 what?
us: 6.2km..
me: ya, i know you never heard of such small numbers when it comes to running… but yea.. its 6 point 2 km…

the zoo run..

this is how the shirt looks like… ugly.. i never wear!

i finally did it. my first run.

my timing: 50 minutes for 6.2km…

good or not, it doesnt matter. ive done my first run, under the hot sun.. and it feels good that i managed to finish the run.

as i started, it felt like i had run such a long distance, so you can imagine my disappointment when i saw the 1KM mark… haha… subsequently, running upslope and downslopes made my knee feel a little wobbly, so i walked some of the uphills and downslopes and ran the rest part of the race.

15 min to reach 2km. 25 min to reach 3km, 40 min to reach 5km, 10 min to reach 6.2km.. can be improved lah….

SkL who ran ahead of me even had the time to take photos of elephants and white tigers and kangaroos….

Sundown 2010 is coming up. ive got 3 mths to train up to do 10km in 1 hr… and before that, i need to do something abt strengthening my muscles to support my knee cos its painful now…

MY FIRST RUN!!! I did it!!!!!! with a miserable timing, but still, i did it!!!

for elite runners, first place went to this ang moh guy, who clocked 6.2km in 12 min… crazy! my 2.4km also never hit 12min! lol…


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2 responses to “Safari Zoo Run 2010

  1. Abimaniyu

    February 7, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    Well done!…50 mins for 6.2km…good!

    • misspegasus

      February 7, 2010 at 9:34 pm

      thats miserable!

      but nvm… my virgin run, im still happy… hehe…


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