T1W5 roundup

05 Feb

1) simple gestures

maybe they dont really understand why i felt that way. why i complained nagged. whined. maybe i cant expect them to understand. to them, maybe im not part of that family yet. and i cant expect to be either…

or maybe like what SL said, they just dont realise…

it is like, when you go shopping and you pass by anything that resembles a cat, you’ll think of KW. or you see precious moments stuff and you think of whether you want to buy for someone…. or you see mickey mouse and you think of JL..

its the small gestures….. but, perhaps, reasons are a little hard to understand for their age. and too high for me to expect… whatever it is, ppl mature at different times. maybe someday, they’ll realise… and when they do, it still doesnt matter, because im just another stepping stone in life… as are many other ppl…

anyhow, i was touched by what they did. because it was done over 4 floors, and rehearsed with ppl were still around… it must have been embarassing for them, and they were still willing to do it…

but to me, im still happy with them. im still proud of them. i still show them off to other classes. and i make sure everyone else knows who they are and what they mean to me.

so when someone from somewhere else, out of nowhere, comes to me to say, “No wonder you are proud of your class”, i tell them, “of course, they are the best class ever.” regardless of whether they made me sad or disappointed sometimes.. they are still the ones who make me the happiest.

it’s like, no matter what wrong they do. or how they have misunderstood me, to me, they are still a group of very good students who have the potential to be even better than me someday….

i hope they reach that level one day… i hope everyone else looks up to ppl in my class like how that other person did, when he said, “no wonder you are proud of your class”. i hope, they will be fantastic role models. i hope, they will create a mark for themselves. to be spoken of as the best NA class to be taught ever in kss…

2) leadership lessons learnt from students

its amazing what self-realisation and ownership does to your confidence level. when you reach the point where you just cannot take nonsense, it takes a man to stand up and confront ppl.

as i was sharing with a colleague, taking on a higher role means you have to rise up to the challenge. you may be doing fine being in a lower position, but when you reach a higher position, you have to change your perceptions and take on the job with ownership.

if you feel something has to be done, it doesnt matter what others think of you.

as a principal, you cannot be asking ppl for favours. if you feel its right, and you want it to be done, you must have a certain level of authority to ensure that ppl under you get things done, regardless of whether they like doing it.

maybe its a hard stance, but, ive come to realise that asking friends for favours to complete a job wont always work. and a person at a certain level, cannot be begging ppl to do things for them. imagine LKY begging his ministers to complete the job. it just wont work that way.

a leader must have his own directions and beliefs and the capability to convince his members that his beliefs are worth the effort.

im still learning.


on another note, reaching friday everyweek makes me feel like ive accomplished a feat. like i conquered a war week. TGIF takes on a whole new meaning this year.

Peace. Out.

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