Captain Lawrence Oats

03 Feb

came across this legendary man while doing some reading.

its a story of a man who sacrificed himself, so that others had a chance at survival.

in Nov 1911, Captain Oats and his team set out for the North Pole. they reached the North Pole on Jan 1912. the started their return trip the same day they reached North Pole.

weather conditions were bad and food was scarce, and they were surviving from one base to another base, taking a long interval each time. if they couldnt reach a base before their food supplies ran out, they’d die.

as did one member of the team, so couldnt survive the cold and harse conditions.

while the remaining members carried on, Captain Oats struggled, being unable to walk effeciently with frost bitten feet. he didnt want to slow his team members down, because that would delay the time they reached the next base. but his team members wouldnt leave him alone. he struggled and walked as best as he could with them for another day.

the next morning, 17 march 1912, Captain Oats stepped out of his tent and told his team members, “just going outside and may be some time”. Captain Oats never returned.

3 members remained. without Captain Oats, the team would have made it to the next base. unfortunately, a blizzard came about, forcing the men to wait it out. they 3 of them eventually died.

i guess, many war heros might have done similar self-sacrifical acts to protect their men and for the betterment of their troops. but, each story still holds emotions. each person had a family waiting for him. each man had the courage to know when it was too late.


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