T1W4 updates

31 Jan

1. Study skills workshop has been draining my life over the past 2 wks. its over. now, what else is left to do? lets see..

– Mtg for Cambodia trip and planning and execution
– Mtg with CE committee for review of 1st month
– Mtg with SWC for Staff CIP
– ExCel Fest Preparation
– coordinating 3NT Elective Modules
– preparation of SEL lesson packages

for now, thats all there is in my agenda. just this little bit. not too much isnt it.

oh, i forgot the most important thing. need to teach, conduct IP, mark homework, set tests and mark. that reminds me, i better start setting common tests soon..

2. Mon sch is half day. sch ends at 10am. i want to be home by 3pm, so that i can go for a run at 330pm. rehearsal for the run next sat.

3. Concept Plan 2011. found this on

so it seems the govt wants our feedback on some things they’d like to plan over the next 40 yrs.

i’d encourage ppl to take the survey. pls do voice out on behalf of our nature parks and beaches. we have more than enough concrete buildings. time to make our biodiversity grow.

4. Some of us visited Dialogue in the Dark at Ngee Ann Poly on saturday. an amazing experience it was, to be able to keep your eyes open and not be able to see a single thing. not even ray of light entered the room, means, there is nothing for us to see. even if the guide’s voice was right beside you, and you touch his hand, there no light reflected so you cant SEE him, even with your eyes WIDE OPEN.

made me heighten all my other senses. suddenly, you can hear how shallow waters sound. feel a small waterfall running down the wall, water wrap around your hands, trinkle down the wrist. turn your head towards the direction of birds chirping. feel how corners of the wall feel like.

i was initially darn nervous. i’d rather be blindfolded and not be able to see anything, than to be able to open my eyes and not be able to see anything. but, the moment we heard the guide’s voice, i felt calm and reassured. the guide’s name is Wesley. he is visually impaired, though not from birth.

the able became the disabled. the disabled became the abled.

im considering arranging this trip for the students during CE period. maybe not for sec 4/5s. maybe for sec 3s.

it was amazing and im wondering if i should consider adding a once a mth session in my schedule for voluntary services somewhere….

5. collected my safari zoo run 2010 race pack yesterday. its my first run, and here are my silly thoughts.

– the bib is made of paper. im wondering if that wouldnt tear.
– do we need to bring anything? handphone, money, sunglasses, cap, towel, mp3, wrist band, etc?
– are we supposed to carry them? means, i need to buy an arm band is it? to put my hp and some $. my silly omnia 2 is so huge, can i even stuff it inside an armband?
– till now ive not tried running under the sun. and im still sick. how am i going to make it for the run?
– what if i take 2 hrs to complete 6.2km??? embarassing!

6. its the first time in my teaching career, or maybe in my life, where i have fallen sick twice in a month. i dont remember the last time i fell sick every 2 wks.

this is taking a toll on me. and i got to learn how to work smart. because if i carry on like this, i’ll break down by the time i reach the march holidays.

7. and apparently, its not publically announced what they intend to do with the marine park at RWS. here’s a good article from wildshores, following the news.

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