I Love-Hate my babies

30 Jan

i wish i could say they are all a bunch of goon-du-fied irritants…

sigh… emo session yesterday and today, was like… expected for students. but, i didnt expect to feel the way i felt. not when they were feeling emo. but when the trainers were trying to break them.

even i never scolded my babies in that manner. even their parents never used those words to scold them. what gave them the right to scold my babies that way in such a demeaning manner? 

i tried to wipe my tears before any student saw. KS tried to cover my face with an A4 paper. but, dont how whoever saw, when the group was dismissed for break, some of them immediately came up to me to ask why i cried.stunned, i turned to KS, who conveniently left me to get interrogated by my babies. i explained to them. i couldnt stand seeing my confident and daring babies, being slaughted by the trainer. well, regardless of the rationale, i guess there’d be other ways to make ppl realise right…

anyway, as sweet as that was. the same goon-du-fied irritant who asked me why i cried, also said that disturbing and bullying me was a way of releasing stress. FINE!

i hope all my babies learnt some things over the last 3 days. study skills, determination, persistence, motivation, chihuahua dance, and the meaning of HUNGER. i hope all my babies will remember this as part of a changing moment. years from now, they’d all be great ppl anyway. but you cant deny the emotions you felt over the last few days. and you cant deny that you love your parents as much as they love you. remember, you are fortunate to be here because of your parents.


Thank you MT for voicing out that i was equivalent to a second mother. i was around by the time you spoke.

Thank you RK for wanting to say i was like a second mother. im sry i wasnt around when you spoke.

Thank you everyone who ambushed me into a group hug.

Thank you SR for waiting to see if i was going to cry. (ive got too much ego, to cry in front of students)

Thank you everyone else who said thank you to me.

Thank you parents who came to shake my hands and say thank you. this relationship couldnt have been possible without parental support.

and with this, i realised, how much i need to dedicate a new category for my babies… when i was trying not to do so for a few yrs… i think its time.

new category: my-Babies.

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