whales at possible splitting of species

24 Jan

killer whale facts I breaching Orca

so i didnt quite think there was just one species of killer whales, until now…

i went to wiki and found that there is indeed, only one species of killer whales.

thats Orcinus orca. though they are differentiated into 3 types, according to their body length, eye patch, dorsal capes.

so this recent article compares 2 types of orcas from the same region, and show this photograph of just 1 morphological differences… 

longer teeth, sharper teeth.

because their diet is different, their average sizes and colour and niches are different, these whales are quickly becoming too different to belong to the same species.

so… maybe we are witnessing the branching and evolving of orcas…. thats cool isnt it…. its like history in the making…

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Posted by on January 24, 2010 in i-Bio, i-Marvel


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