reflections on students

24 Jan

this week has been a student filled eventful week…

1) i think, regardless of whatever competitiveness, i think i’ll be happy if any 5NA wins anything. because, we are a group of ppl with a group of teachers who care for each other’s class..

2) i think, there is a certain stage i’ve reached with my class, that in some ways, i think i can trust that they will be matured. perhaps reached an extent where they know what is acceptable and what is not. whether they do the right thing is another issue. but, its heartwarming that i can ask my student, “did you guys do anything that you know will make me disappointed?” and hear the reply, “cher, we not like that one… we never do anything”.

perhaps, they are still cheeky, naughty, playful…. but, boys will be boys and 17 yrs olds will be 17 yr olds. i trust that my class, though playful, will not do anything serious enough to disappoint me, at this age.

i still want them to learn to be gracious. i hope they do. because graciousness is not as easy as it sounds. it takes courage to let go sometimes.

3) sometimes, when i see certain things going through my friend’s mind, i feel, that maybe it isnt that difficult to leave the students. all it takes is a passionate person who loves her students and have high expectations of her students, but the students dont really appreciate. once, nevermind. twice, nevermind. but when it happens a tad bit too often, sometimes, leaving those students you love isnt as hard because nothing can be more disappointing to a passionate teacher, than a student doubting her passion.

i hope she feels better soon.

4) many of these kids will become better than i am one day. what will my babies be? will they still be filial to their parents? will they make good husbands and wives? will they make good parents? will they make good employees and employers? will they still remember me?

actually i think they would. 5 yrs… they better! haha… but, the relationship then would be different. these kids, will grow to be great ppl in the future. i have that much trust in them. they have enough ambition not to waste their lives away. enough enthusiasm and drive and determination to live their lives.

5) the way i speak to my babies is different from the way i used to speak to them. obviously. now they’ve grown up. speaking to them, is like speaking to ppl who understand other’s views. of course, they are still learning. i am still learning. but, there’s no need for hand-holding. and im happy for that. i may not have influenced them much. but, im happy that at sec 5, they are who i want them to be. they can be better, but at least they are on track to becoming fantastic adults… 🙂

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