2010 World Cup predictions…

24 Jan

so, the qualifiers are done. new groupings are out. didnt follow the qualifiers, so went online to check things out…

so lets see my Round of 16 predictions

Group A winner (France) vs Group B 2nd place (dunno) – outcome: probably France

Group A 2nd place (South Africa) vs Group B winner (Argentina) – outcome: probably Argentina

Group C winner (England) vs Group D 2nd place (dunno) – outcome: probably England

Group C 2nd place (dunno) vs Group D winner (Germany) – outcome: probably Germany

Group E winner (Holland) vs Group F 2nd place (paraguay) – outcome: probably Holland

Group E 2nd place (Japan) vs Group F winner (Italy) – outcome: probably Italy

Group G winner (Portugal) vs Group H 2nd place (Chile) – outcome: probably Portugal

Group G 2nd place (Brazil) vs Group H winner (Spain) – outcome: probably Spain

Quarter-finals predictions

France vs England – hopefully England (but i think France will win)

Argentina vs Germany – woa… power match (maybe germany)

Holland vs Portugal – probably Portugal

Italy vs Spain – woa… power match (maybe italy)

quarter finals are already so power packed! wo hoo……………………….. i dont even dare to predict the semi finalists! yet another exciting year!

semi-finals predictions

France vs Portugal

Germany vs Italy

haha… i cant guess any further than this!!! oh man…

singtel and starhub better get the money to broadcast this man!

anyone else on predictions??

on a not so relevant note:

OMG! is david beckham not the hottest sports star ever to exist…

what did victoria do to deserve this face! argh!!

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