T1W3 updates

23 Jan

let it be officially recorded that i hate admin work. i hate having to rush deadlines for things that i think are uselessly redundant. let it be recorded that i think some of the things some ppl do are really just for show. i hate having to feel miserable that i have to do certain redundantly useless things for the ppl who do these things…..

but all is good when it comes to students. they make me smile and love what im doing. (for students).

overall, the one and only thing that made me smile this week was the fact that my students totally showed teamwork. they seems to be getting a little obsessed with the YOG decor, but, im happy they are working together, rather than not being bothered abt anything at all. i love my babies…

spoke to my chairperson and 5C chairperson abt upcoming projects. somehow, i feel, i can rely on them (all 3 class chairpersons) to come up with their service-learning projects, and to deliver it well. i believe in this bunch of sec 5s. i think they will create history. and i love them for it.


so you see, after all the angst i had over work that i had to settle, talking abt my students immediately brings a smile.

Se challenged me regarding my birthday. and i have this sudden cold feeling that my irritating class might really just do something stupid. so im just going to stay inside the staffroom this yr. he said, “sure kena one. last year already, your birthday, you sure kena one”

errr…. if that is not threatening enough, i dont know what it… but anyway, i wont step out of the staffroom after sch on my birthday week this year.

suddenly, this post turns out to be abt my students, rather than my angry emotions.

anyway, other updates include the fact that i havent been able to run in 2 weeks, and my first every run is coming up in the next 2 weeks. i need to work out a miracle.

i missed my driving practical this week. and i booked a peak hr period. so my colleague’s only reaction was, “wah, you very rich ah…”

a stack of filling on my molar tooth dropped out on thursday. i had all my fillings done when i was in P6 and Sec 1… so its a really long time, and i have to face the dentist to get my tooth drilled and cleaned again before getting filled one more time. and im not happy abt that.

chose not to go for the free blood test my sch organised, because i didnt want to get poked. in any case, i have to get poked for my cambodia trip in march… so whatever..

i missed a major deadline this week, causing my emotional outburst. leading to me feeling like my life is in a mess. resulting in me cleaning up my table in sch on a saturday after cca. i can finally see some table space. at least i wasnt like Ash who said, “im seeing places on my table that i never knew existed!” haha…

after 3 weeks, sch seems to be going… moving. end of jan, means there’s just 10 mths left for the yr to end. so… things got to get moving.

this week has been tough. and ive learnt alot. ive learnt alot abt alot of things. and if i had to live this week all over again, i’d get through this week much efficiently…. we all learn and grow, dont we…..

oh, and did i mention i love my babies……. 🙂

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