proud of my babies

21 Jan

rarely have they been this passionate abt classroom decor. being sec 5s, i guess they really want to make the best out of this year.

this yr, the classroom decor is not abt CNY. its abt YOG. my class is doing based on Australia, and they’ve been so fantastic that, they really just made my day.

the past few days have been hard. with little time to do anything but work. but, today, spending those 2 hrs, supporting my kids, saw them work together… theyve matured SO much. so much. all the sec 5s have. and im proud of all the sec 5s.

but, more so for my class. they arent the typical kind of NA class that most ppl tend to stereotype with. when they are passionate, they are comparable to any kind of class. great teamwork. laughter. fun. great discussion. the ability to shout at each other and still get work done. haha…

heard W shout at M yesterday, “hey, can you listen or not!” haha…

today so many ppl took charge. they finally worked together, with one aim. rather than have disputes over which idea was better. im so proud of them.

regardless of whether they win the classroom decor competition or not, i think they’ve succeeded in many ways. just by being involved together. my only fear is that the class will feel disappointed if they dont win. after so much of effort, that will be sad.

but im still really proud of them anyways. theres only more to come, more passion, more drive, more love, more generosity. and i hope the class takes the word “graciousness” seriously. and be a gracious class too. with greater maturity after they graduate.

kss will never be the same ever, after they leave this yr. its like, a part of me being torn away… haha…

a little too emo for a bunch of students. but, i guess, being their mentor for 5 yrs give me the right to feel this way right?

5A – All stars!

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