Challenger Deep

14 Jan

this normally isnt the kind of posts i’d put up. but im just amazed.

did you know that Challenger Deep is the deepest point in the ocean floor. its found somewhere in the Philippine Sea. how deep?

Challenger deep goes up to depths of the hadalpelagic zone. so give you an idea of the different oceanic zones, here’s a pic i did using Paint. (amateurish, but, still an effort!)

to give you an estimate, leisure divers usually go within 6m-10m. crazy free diver set the record of going 136m on one breath of air. oh, the most importantly, almost every marine life documentary you see on TV featuring sperm whales, plankton, dolphins, sea turtles, sea snakes, orcas all exist within the first 200m. this zone is called the epipelagic zone.

the so called deep sea creatures that scientists discover now and then are usually in the second zone. the mesopelagic zone. some of creatures you find here still come up to first zone for food and light. these creatures usually have really big eyes, to see with whatever minimal light that reaches this zone. they can see with just 1% of the light that humans use to see.

in the third zone, the bathypelagic zone, light is absent. so creatures from here on down, dont even have eyes (mostly) since they’ve long lost the need for eyes.

by the abyssopelagic zone, mosty creatures are already emitting bioluminiscent rays. either to attract mates or meals. here’s where you’ll find things like the swimming cucumber and sea pigs. (sea pigs!??!?!!)

hadalpelagic/hadopelagic zone is the last zone. the word hadal is greek for hell. so this is like the ultimate, cannot-go zone. not because its fiery hell hot. but because temperatures here dont go above 3 deg cel. and the amount of pressure on you before you get to this zone is like a huge bulldozer/cargo truck running over a hamburger. you just wont survive a dive to this zone. without a doubt. you’ll probably IMPLODE before you even reach the 3rd zone!

so a marine vessel called Trieste was built to bring 2 men down to this depth in 1960 (about 11000m). and guess what… not only did they find light emitting creatures floating around. they also saw a flat fish. wow…….. subsequently, in 1995, Kaiko was sent down and in 2009, Nereus was sent to the Challenger Deep. both were unmanned.

how cool is that. im amazed by all the marvels of Life on Earth.

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One response to “Challenger Deep

  1. Glen

    September 26, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    Cool info thanks. It is amazing how life thrives and where we find it.


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