T1W1 – 2010

10 Jan

2010 will be my admin-efficient year. that has become a motto for YW and me. as we keep encouraging and reminding each other to submit everything that we are supposed to submit.

how has first week been?

1) my sec 3/4/5 classes are all fine. my sec 1s are like my biggest class size, so…. that as usual will be a handful. but i feel big enough to try and terrorize them. that will be fun.

they look intelligent. smart. they look like practical learners. experiential learning. but its difficult to balance getting them to discover and learn together with teaching them how to be exam smart. teachers have to do both isnt it?

2) CCA has started. CAA has been submitted. whats our results for last yr??? we are inching the borders of Gold. did we hit Gold? or just fall short? teams have been training hard for Zone FAC…. will we achieve our target this year? will we have enough sec 1s?

3) sports kids have been training hard during the hols. tournament season will start soon. its always the hype in the first term. will our badminton kids do better at nationals? will our bball get to nationals? soccer? table tennis? netball? hmmm….

im so eager to see my babies in action. at sec 5, the sports maturity will be different.

4) Combined UG camp was good. no campfire this year because campfire was incorporated into the sec 1 orientation camp. but, the sec 1s went around to try out the different UGs. into its 3rd yr running, the Sec 1 Combined Uniform Groups Familiarisation Camp was initiated by a group of persistent, adament, determined bunch of students. and we are glad our UG alumni are so strong. 🙂

5) O level results are out on monday. why are results so important, that even teacher get freaked out. sometimes i wonder whether its for face value. when ppl say, “wow, you managed to produce 70% distinction!” i dont know. i mean, who wouldnt be proud of that…

6) the next seagrass session is in 7 days time. eager to start the monthly visits rolling. and maybe cyrene reef will come soon…

7) admist all these hype, i havent had time to figure out my heart this week. this week came too soon, for reasons other than the reopening of school.

or maybe it came too late.

i wouldnt know.

“The heart has reasons that reason does not understand”

well, i need to figure this out. no point running away from it. because the time has come.

“what the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose”


7) but its sad that certain work related thoughts had come to such a point. i cant say what that is. but uncertainty at other possibilities is a scary prospect. yet, hope that perhaps other possibilities may have the same directions and focus as me is there. so………

end 2011. maybe. i guess this date sooner than i thought it would.

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