the joy of seeing ex-students

09 Jan

seeing kids grow is so fulfilling, is just so fulfilling.

i probably never made that much of an impact on some of these students, but i suppose a person’s character and behaviour is moulded by his interactions with ppl around him, then maybe in some small little way, i might have influenced some of these people.

saw 2 ex-students who graduated in 2007. such sweet boys. all grown up. one enlisting in NS on feb 6. one finishing his final year.

as i spoke to them, one mentioned abt how he feels like he’s moving on to the next stage in life. its like, sec sch… jc…. NS. soon after, university. work. marriage.

as we joked abt how his gf might try to hint in not so subtle ways of wanting him to propose to her.

saw another 2 ex-students, awaiting O level results. i see them in sch often. during hols when they came back to assist in bball training or choir training. but to see them after 1 mth in full sch uniform and tie, brought tears. (which of course, i hid pretty well).

i wasnt that close to those 2 boys, but, they have grown up to be such good people, with initiative and responsibility and the ability to lead a team. to deliver instructions. to spot possible problems and rectify before it emerges.

i saw another ex-student. a girl i knew existed, but never saw her command. and today, “wow”, when i see her question her juniors, in such a serious face, it spoke a million words abt her confidence. and im totally impressed by her.

these 3 ppl i’ll see on monday. i’ll see more of these ppl on monday. i’ll see a number of them come back to kss as alumni. to help out with the various UGs. to help train student leaders. and, quite frankly, it feels like this is a place ive grown too.

debriefed UG alumni after day 1 of camp. they have learnt how to debrief their juniors. they have learnt to pinpoint what went wrong, and explain why things went wrong, and discuss how things can be improved. they have matured enough to accept another person’s view that is different from theirs. learnt to accept blame, and yet be motivated enough to correct the error and move on.

i sat there for an hr, just watching how these kids, who were once blur sec 1s, responded to why things went they way they went…… and it showed confidence to admit some errors, and a no-blame culture.

the 2007 ex-students reminisced abt how they walked around the sch twice, laughing abt the places they played at. sat at. ate at. studied at.

i asked them, “what happens when they sch undergoes PRIME, more of the teachers that taught you left, and none of the friends from your batch want to come back for events anymore?”

they kept quiet for a few seconds.

things change. and its sad. because as ppl would say, you have to empty your cup before it can be filled with more good experiences.

well, im not sure whether i can accept another form class after my babies leave. that would be a very bad reflection of my personality. i mean, i would still give of my best. but, my babies are still my babies. seeing them grow since sec 1. when they leave sch, they’ll mature so much more. and they’ll move on. and such is life.

ppl come and go.

but anyway, it was great seeing the ex students. felt so emo today.

its very moving to see ex-students grow.

and maybe thats why, at a certain point after scaffolding the students to reach greater heights, teachers become redundant.

and yet, its heart warming to see that many of these kids still show gratitude in their actions, even if not in their words.


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