2009 is like… 2010 feels like

30 Dec

2009 is like

my busiest year yet.

my most rebellious year yet.

the year ive been waiting for, just cos we met twice.

i might have drowned.

the year of weddings.

the year many colleagues leave my school.

the year of goodbyes to the sec 4s.

the beginning of the end (of my sec 5 babies).

quite a gd yr for gd grades.

the year i spent most money.

the time when ive met ppl i’ve not met in 10 yrs.

a season for emotional turbulence.

the year of family gatherings.

the longest year yet.

a hopeful year that ended up disappointing.

the year of getting by.

2010 feels like

my busiest year yet.

i better be on task.

the year im going to get my driving license.

the year im going to manage my priorities better.

the year i’ll cry more.

the year i’ll bid my babies goodbye.

the year i i’ll test my potential.

the year i might just grow professionally.

the year i might just give up on the challenge.

the year i’ll venture out to do more things.

the year i’ll get treated to an Audi Car and a petrol and food date (YW and Goon – this is for you!)

the year i might be more organised.

the year i’ll still have a really messy table.

the year i’ll become a healthier person.

the year i might decide to do something different for myself.

the year i’ll start training for half marathon.

i’ll decide to live my life.


and for you only,

I hope
life treats you kind,
and i hope
you have all that you’ve dreamed of,
and i wish you
joy and happiness,
and above all this,
I wish you love.

– Whitney Housten –

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