Dec updates

28 Dec

1. one month week break

i finally did get it. my highly deserving 6 days of no work related activities. all i did was watch movies, play games, met up with friends, and wasted time. hopefully next yr, i’ll spend this 6 day period overseas.

2. looking forward to 2010

im quite excited with my classes. pumped up. looking forward to starting work (which i already have). and the only thing that is dragging my mood down is my new portfolio. which, i wil find a way to settle soon.

3. copenhagen / hopenhagen / nopenhagen

haha………. chatted with colleagues abt how developed countries are discussing how to reduce climate change when they’ve already done what they’ve needed to. ironic. now that developing nations are trying to emerge, they have to cut industrial pollution, when they probably are already emitting less than what the developed nations released 100 yrs ago.

but, something has to be done, and im not arguing against cutting carbon emission.

4. O level results

will be out soon. soon. and, i feel like im resigned to whatever the results may be. i mean, ive done whatever i could. the students probably have done whatever they could. so, yep…. just another yr, with subject codes and numbers.

5. new seasons

new season of american idol in jan.

new season of survivor in feb. survivor heros and villians. Rob (as in Rob and Amber) is speculated to be one of them. i cant wait. i’m rooting for Rob. he better win! or at least make it to the final 3!

6. 2010 low tides will be out soon.

i cant wait for the dates. its almost 2 mths of no trips for me… i hope i’ll get to see more things… sea urchins and stonefishes and rays and nudibranchs and many more…….. and i wonder if the horseshoe crab proj is still on… waiting for updates from NSS…

7. New sec 1s

over the sec 1 registration, i see they look taller, smarter, more confident, more independant………

the idea that with each generation, intelligence grows is a known fact. so this shouldnt be a surprise. all the more important it is for teachers to not become stagnant. we have to teach smarter groups of students. more independant thinkers with strong opinions. it’s a different challenge for each batch. 2 sec 1 classes next year. hmmm….

8. histone code?

haha…. im just thrilled! isnt it amazing that ALL THE HYPE from deciphering the human genome is now over. scientists have gone on to publish the genomes of other species. and now, they are coming up with the genetic make up of histones. the genes that mane the very protein that binds the genes into chromatin. haha!!!!

im just thrilled.

dont be fooled though. i didnt actually read that article. its a little too high tech for me.

9. new driver

it takes confidence to drive isnt it? over the past couple of yrs, i had been seriously considering on taking up driving again. asked my friends how it felt to drive. most of them said, it becomes second nature to do things like using the direction indicators, looking at all the 3 mirrors every few seconds, using the clutch, knowing when to start breaking……..

now that im learning driving, i have more questions. how do you assess when to overtake? how do you know when you have enough lane-space and time to turn into a lane with oncoming traffic? how to heck do you even reverse straight, much less reverse an s-course?

wow…………….. 12 mths. latest 18 mths.

ive got to get my dad to sign for my car and car insurance. hmm…… is it time to start scouting showrooms? hopefully COE goes down by the end of 2010.

10. hoping to un-wish whatever i hope for

feels like an abrasion, even a single blow of the wind can cause a big pain.

every memory being relived to every single detail. every hope being wiped down to every single detail.

feels very sensitive, exposed. challenged. overthrown. slashed. scalded.

feels like im parachuting with a torn parachute. feels like im doing a bungee jump with a spoilt cord. feels like im fire fighting without a proper suit. feels like im sinking in quicksand just a few inches away from help. feels like im steering a small boat onto the path of a tanker with a loss of boat control.

feels like i need to learn to live without hope. how to, when there is still a 0.0000001% chance.

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  1. Dov Henis

    January 10, 2010 at 3:52 pm

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    What Came First in the Origin of Life? New Study Contradicts the ‘Metabolism First’ Hypothesis

    Dov Henis
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    28Dec09 Implications Of E=Total[m(1 + D)]
    Cosmic Evolution Simplified


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