Witnesses to possible extinction?

24 Dec

i was taken aback from this article i read. the title says it all.

African leaf-eating monkeys are ‘likely to be wiped out’ by climate change.

i never thought increase in global temperatures would affect mammals and larger such animals. marine life? understandable. but larger mammals?

it appears that these primates, with the type of diet (largely leaves of plants), are rather sensitive to higher temperatures. estimated that a global increase in temperature of 2 deg can cause populations of leaf-eating monleys (like colobus monkeys) to decline.


when it gets too hot, colobus (as do most other monkeys) take time to rest. longer rest time, shorter time for foraging. lesser food.

what sounds dubious is that fruit eating monkeys arent as threatened if temperatures do increase to that level. why wouldnt they be?

while i find it hard to understand some parts of the article, many questions remain. but still, if the data and research do point in this direction, then more animals can be endangered, not because of poaching or dieting habits. but rather because the whole earth is vulnerable to the solar effects, which cant be overcome overnight.


so what does global temperature increase of 2 deg cel mean? over the past 100 yrs, the global temperature has increased to slightly less than 0.8 deg cel. so, we still have time to do something abt protecting the habitats of many animals.

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