intelligent octopuses

16 Dec

wow…. imagine that monkeys using tools for survival isnt just the story…

the veined octopuses uses coconut shells as a protective cover. they even carry around the coconut shells with them.

whats amazing is that to adapt to this additional luggage they have to carry around, they move differently in water. either they sit on the shell and stick out all their 8 legs to walk on the sea bed as if they are on stilts. or they compact the entire body into the shell and stick out 2 legs to walk.

i think its amazing the ways animals come up with ways and means to avoid predation!

you can see the full video here.

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cool isnt it! all the ways the octopus moves and grooves….. so sultry…

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Posted by on December 16, 2009 in i-Bio, i-Marvel


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