possible car choices

11 Dec

since i was irritated, i tried to make myself happy… 🙂

having passed my final theory for the 3rd time yesterday, i figure its time i took practical lessons seriously. i will make it all the way through this time round. so i took the liberty to start looking at possible car models.

hopefully by the time i pass my practical, the COE drops, and i get a nice price for one of these cars… and my budget is, everything in, $54999.

Hyundai Avante (S) – $54999: the most realistic affordable price now. and ive seen the interior before… really pretty. not my Lexus or Audi or BMW, but still….

Toyota Vios 1.5 J LX – $56488: over my budget. will consider if COE falls.

Nissan  Latio – $64000: ridiculous pricing. 10K over my budget.

if i had a choice, i’d rather go for Honda City, Nissan Sylphy, Toyota Axio, but hey…. i wasnt born with a silver spoon.

and of course, since i can still dream. anyhow i look at it, ANY (and i mean ANY) lexus will surely satisfy me. Audi A4. and ANY BM is just simply lovely to look at…

yep, im pretty superficial when it comes to cars and handphones.

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Posted by on December 11, 2009 in i-Typical, i-Wish


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