on the hike finally

09 Dec

this is a long overdue post, but im not going to post date it.

ATC 09 over the weekend has left my back, butt and feet aching. might have strained my left calf (but im ok now)…. we finally hit the bt timah to macritchie hike after 1 recee and another personal trip.

saw quite alot of things during this hike too..

cricket on a leaf.

a cute red coloured insect.

and i spotted this horrific sight, of a dead snake… with maggots inside it! pity, the snake must have eaten something, cos it looks like theres some bulge in its body.

at least, i managed to get this pic to show my students that snakes are vertebrates. just because they twist and twine doesnt mean they dont have backbones!

after we got back down the hill, we say a monitor lizard, walked so cool and collected!

as we exited bt timah, we saw a group of macaques… finally. they seemed to have disappeared for a while.

on route to macritchie, a toad,

a tiny snail on a leaf,

boring, but still…. it is a butterfly,

flowering, and therefore abundantly fruiting fig tree,

a pretty dragon fly,

and when we saw this pond and creature, we knew we’d reached macritchie, after a tiring 5 hr walk..

this is a pitcher plant, spotted this along the broadwalk at macritchie.

didnt get to see any tree snakes, nor flying colugos again…….. having a bunch of 50 over ppl storming through the hike didnt make it easy for the animals to come out….

but, hey…. good to still be able to see so many things!

ps: today, i just found out where the bt timah monkeys have been hanging out. they have conquered the overhead bridge that links to beauty world. those devil monkeys were seen today climbing over the roof, hanging down the roof pole, walking on the walkway and sitting on the railing……

that overhead bridge seems very much unusable to public. a group of 7 monkeys were on it!


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