Module 2: thoughts and reflections

04 Dec

isnt it amazing the kind of talent ppl have.

this caricarture was done by a teacher who has taught for more than 15 yrs.

“woke up this morning, thought i’d scribble something for the presentation later” he said, when the class looked at these pictures in awe..

you call that scribbling??!!!

this second module was boring. tutorials were more enriching.

but what struck me was that, though my sch doesnt have that many students diagnosed with special needs, every child does matter.

my tutor spoke of the US education policy: “No Child Left Behind”

imagine the miracles that can be created if every teacher takes this to be their goal. the amount of committment and passion put into achieving this goal.

not for every child to be the best, but to be the best they can be.

ideal, but probably not pragmatic. imagine how much effort each teacher has to put in, to work on each student achieving his personal best…….

anyway, my thoughts circled around a particular student with a learning disability. he is intelligent. but this learning disability probably prevented him from reaching his potential. perhaps left with little choice, he might have become a trouble maker just to compensate for his inability to perform as well as others.

“if i cant study, i might as well be bla bla bla….”

you know, if you sit down and talk to him, you’ll find that he has alot of ideas and is quite down to earth, frank and realistic.

why tease him with all the possibilities of great achievements when you know he’ll survive with his own skills….

question is, did he become wayward because there was nothing else for him to do? imagine a kid at primary school, parents not at home (or unable to help), dont know how to do the homework, goes out to play, makes unfavourable friends, gets scolded at sch, spirals downhill with regards to academic work, gets positive reinforcements from unfavourable friends, and chooses that path to take……..

early detection of a learning disability is so crucial. and just as important, is to teach the child how to overcome the learning disability, and to not lose self confidence.

of course, thats easier said than done.

so many parents i’ve seen/heard, in denial of their child’s condition. unwilling to ‘lose face’ through a diagnosis which makes the condition permanent…….

its sad though…….

and difficult, how as a mainstream teacher, we not only have to deal with students who want to excel, students who arent as motivated, students whose talents are non-academic, students who have special needs, students going through the teenage phase, students who have emotional issues, students who have parental issues……….

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