say “no” to Captive Whale Sharks

30 Nov

i actually didnt follow up on this for a long time.

but to read this news on wildshores made my day really irritable today.

and here’s part of my petition.

Dear Honorable Minister of National Development,
CEO of the Singapore Tourism Board,
and Resorts World at Sentosa

[In addition to the written post below, i would like to say that i’m deeply disappointed that the government hasnt already said “no” to the marine park in RW at Sentosa. if you know how sad it is to watch captive whale sharks and dolphins, you would never allow this to happen. these are large animals that are meant to be in the ocean. not kept in a small tank so that little children can see then swim in circles. dolphins have been known to commit suicide when held captive. how much worse can animal abuse get? The Cove is already an excellent documentary. hasnt Singapore been known to set trends? We dont always follow what the masses are doing, but we weigh the consequences and stand by our decisions. at least, thats my impression of our government. “Sir, please take a stand, and do not allow captive whale sharks and dolphins.”…]

is Singapore really going to allow Resorts World at Sentosa have a marine theme park with a tank of whale sharks!!!!!!!?????

i exclaimed when i read the news. do you know how big whale sharks are? these animals needs alot of space. they need huge ocean space. not a tank, where little kids scream and knock on the glasses.

it seems they also took dolphins from the philippines. now under going training to become a show-dolphin.

these animals arent meant to be held in a tank. if you are talking abt small fish, its not that bad. these animals need a  large area to grow. they are social animals. they need company. they need freedom.

it breaks my heart and makes me cry. cant we do something?

please go and sign the petition .


please sign up on facebook, “i will boycott Resorts World Sentosa and its Marine Life Park” if they dont stop the import of whale sharks and dolphins.

please help to make a difference. the resorts world will still attract tourists without having a marine theme park.

and for tourists from everywhere else in the world, there is nothing more exciting than taking a cruiser out to sea to watch orcas and whale sharks. watching captive ones cannot ever give you that satisfaction.


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