in holy matrimony

22 Nov

2 auspicious events in 2 days..

Friday, a family friend of mine got engaged. Amazing to see such warmness and openness between both families. Such warmness. And probably a genuine wish to welcome each other’s family.

If you know the context from which im describing this, you’d know why this was such a beautiful sight for me.

They are going to get married a yr from now and I wish them all the best.

yesterday, I went for a long lost friend’s wedding. There’s something abt weddings I find so special, it warms my heart everytime………. The priest said, “in witness of, bla bla bla, I’ll take this girl……….” In tamil. When you know the kind of trouble these 2 ppl had gone through, this sentence just means a lot more. I really had to hold back my tears. If I was watching the wedding alone in my house, I’d have certainly cried. I wish the both of them the most Blessed married life. And hope they’ll love each other for their faults as much as they love each other for the good that they are……….

As excited as I was to see her, I wondered who else I’d meet… and I did meet. 3 other long lost friends, one of whose face I had forgotten. Had been 10 yrs since I last saw him. Been almost 8 yrs since I last saw the other 2.

met Al. really nice guy. Ever since the drama that we did, I always have known him to be so dedicated and loving to his gf (now his wife). He just appeared shorter than I remembered him to be. Along came a bubbly little girl. “my daughter” he said with a smile.

 I’m so happy for him. A nice guy, a nice wife and a nice family.

 met Da. Totally don’t remember his face. But I remember the name. somehow, I thought I knew of that name in JC……. Met his wife too…

met Ra. She’s matured so much. Married. Has a 6 mth old kid. We gave each other a hug. she introduced me to her husband. And we agreed to meet up one of these days.

 It was a sight worth remembering. My 3 friends sitting around a table with their spouses who all know each other and a small kid running around……. they had been in contact with each other for quite a while. thats perhaps 8-10 yrs of friendship i had lost. friendship that i had forgotten i had lost. and yet, they still warmly said their ‘hi’ and genuine handshakes.

“how are you” they asked. and i remembered how we all just clicked together… and at this age, when you meet ppl you havent met in a while, the next question they’ll ask is, “are you married?”

“no” i said.

“going to? soon?”

i lifted my shoulders and made a crooked smile………..


In my heart, I wish they’ll be happy always…

ive got a wedding next saturday. and 2 more in december… i’m officially broke!

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