what i fear most

16 Nov

recently read this article on what really scares people

many of which, may not be my top 10 fears………. but phobias, as defined by, says “it is a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it”

so i thought of what i feared, and came up with this list…..

im actually totally totally totally afraid of injections. i hate having ppl inject me. there’s nothing i cant stand more than that. i can inject anything or anyone else, but cant accept getting injected. thats called aichmophobia/balenephobia/trypanophobia and maybe agliophobia (pain).

my friend would know, that i turn pale at the thought of having to get a jab. and thats irrational, because, i’d be totally fine after the jab!

im acutely claustrophobic. i need to know that i can get out if i need to get out. so small places where i cant move when i want to move, sort of freak me out. but i can still do caves and stuff. im not paranoid.

i fear the dark…. sometimes. though i try to convince myself that there’s nothing in the dark. im actually internally freaked out.. thats called achluophobia/myctophobia/scotophobia

i might have this subconscious fear of athazagoraphobia. and sometimes, to be truthful, i do have monophobia. 

seriously, you should go and check out the A-Z list of phobias! they have a name for ALL sort of phobias, including phobias for specific colours, size of objects and stuff………. its weird that ppl are actually diagnosed with phobias of certain kinds!


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