my first batch of sec 1s

14 Nov

my first batch of sec 1s finished their last ‘O’ level paper yesterday… pure chem mcq….

as i walked back to sch from invigilation, i saw many of those sec 4s, i said, “enjoy!”, “have fun”, “good luck”, “see you next yr”……………

i dont think these sec 4s know what i think of them… cos i didnt teach most of them in sec 3/4. but i taught most of them in sec 1.

but this bunch of kids are the nicest bunch of ppl. united. everyone accepts one another. quite professional. even if they dont like someone, they’ll still work well together with him. they help each other out. they feel for each other. support each other alot.

their relationships goes beyond classes. student leaders are so good, worthy. helpful, diligent, trustworthy and basically just very good people…

its impossible for me to say something abt everyone, so im doing this by class.

1A 06 was so united and happening, i did so many things with them during bio lesson. i actually havent seen another spontaneous class comparable to them.

1B 06 was too darn quiet!!!!! OMG!!!!!! apart from a few girls, the rest were like non-existent (maybe non-living) things!!!! but, nice bunch of kids la… had to vomit blood to get them talking. but i guess, maybe in other trs class they were alot more responsive.

1C 06 was so noisy! that was the class i got angry with most. but they were still the more ‘brainy’ class. always managed to get good results. had alot of fun with them.

1D 06 was really fun. had a mixture of different personalities, different working styles. and overall a nice class. i didnt get to know everyone, as well as i would have liked. but still nice ppl.

1E 06 was the only express class i didnt teach.

1F 06 was also a fun class, with loads of random remarks and quirky actions! i only took them half a yr onwards, and they got warmed up quite quickly. overall nice class.

3G 07 was a disasterous class. to think we’d meet up every mth to get updates on them… 3 yrs later, just look at them now. won the first Model Class award. so united. creative. happy. hardworking (though can still be more hardworking). lost some of them to ITEs last yr, but glad to know they are doing well. and are happy. i’ll miss them the most, as ive already told them, from beginning of this yr…

as this bunch leaves, the sch as ive known for 4 yrs will be different. maybe even loses meaning sometimes, if i were to be honest. for 4 yrs, i saw these kids grow up. become friends with one another. become st leaders. become enthusiastic abt events. become responsible. passionate. caring. helpful. compassionate.


met OGC and OKH in sch just now, and they asked me if i was going for prom. 

“of course” i said. 

im looking forward to seeing all the last-time-shorter-than-me and cute-haircut-boys dress up in coats and suits. all handsome with hair done up nicely. im looking forward to seeing all the last-time-shorter-than-me and sweet girls dress up to their nines. all pretty with hair all done nicely.

as i bid them goodbye, im sure i’ll see everyone again in jan for the ‘O’ level results.  

and im sure many of them will come back for sch events, SSC gatherings, tournament trainings, UG camps, SYF practices, and of course, Teachers’ Day 2010…..

im not sure how many sec 4/5s will actually read this post, but, i’d still like to wish the graduates of 2009, all the very best in their future endeavours. stay good, do the right thing, make your parents proud, carve a name out for yourselves…

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