from bt timah to macritchie

26 Oct

6 hrs ppl…… 6 hrs…. we took that long, cos of various factors, that included my fitness level…

but at least we saw a whole lot of things!

a number of crickets. 

 we saw many many fig trees. here, there everywhere……. 

 and we saw nice termite house trails 

and ant trails.

and this cute little spider web…. first time seeing a zig zagged spider web in this manner……. ! 

we crossed rifle range rd, and im so grateful we didnt get to see the monkeys devils that confronted us the last time i went… (how to survive devil attacks)

we passed by the same place where we saw a monkey trying to open up a tied plastic bag to effortlessly, to get to its contents.

 we saw this cute snail, not the typical shell we usually see.


and this toad! 

i spotted this insect, that looked like this segmented body was falling apart, but then i realised the insect was that way…. 

and a plant that looks like its been infected with virus

and a pretty red/orange flower…

nice macaranga tribola with its modified sepals which houses ants.

this interesting looking fern. which splits into 2 at each terminal. end up looking like some alien creature!

we saw this small cute caterpillar…

finally at macritchie, we spotted a stealth Varanus salvator (WML). i thought it was a komodo dragon the last time we saw one at macritchie. and remember my dear friends calling out to it as if it was a doggy! haha..

and another monitor lizard in hiding. can you find it?

and at the end of it all……………. all muscle ache and all…….. we were sure that our end of yr camp will be a terrifying experience for our cadets… aaahahahaha……. *evil laughter*

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Posted by on October 26, 2009 in i-Exercise, i-Marvel


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