old age…

24 Oct

i see my mom getting older by the day… she not 60 yet, but, stress, sadness, and age is catching up with her………

when she gets tired, she’s so tired that her voice changes. initially, i thought her throat was just dry, told her to keep drinking water.

even after a few cups of water, she still spoke as if she had a lump in her throat. that was when she was doing the savouries for Deepavali.

the second time, we went out to shop for jewellry and accessories, after 2 hrs, her voice changed again. it was then i realised, she’s so tired, she cant even speak properly. she cant sustain long hrs of multi-tasking, as she used to in her younger days.

she still carries heavy stuff. she still works, she still comes home to do housework, she still prepares dinner for us……….. she runs the household for us…

but, i worry for the day my mom gets so tired that the family falls apart. i dont know who can replace her dedication and energy for the family. i dont think ive done enough to make her happy………

and im afraid that one day, when my mom is gone, i’ll live to forever regret everything ive ever done to make her sad………..

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Posted by on October 24, 2009 in i-Reflect


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