i saw a happy family in the bus

19 Oct

i saw the small boy board the bus. sat in the seat facing me. he was wearing black rimmed spectacles. his parents boarded, and sat on the other side, facing the vast majority of the commuters. his sister came abroad, sat beside her younger brother.

i saw the boy turn on his PSP, swung his leg back and forth, excited abt the game. suddenly something outside the bus fascinated him. he pointed to his sister. the sister laughed.

i saw the mom have an intellectual conversation with the dad. she spoke abt some financial situation in an institution. the dad contradicted and argued. she smiled and said what she thought.

i saw the boy tapping the sister’s hands to look at random things outside the bus. the sister rolled her eyes. all that constant hyper tapping made her call out to her dad for help. her dad continued the intellectual conversation with the mom.

i saw the sister take out her ear piece. she’d rather listen to music then watch her brother point at random things. her brother thought differently. he made silent noices of random sounds just beside his sister’s ears so that she wouldnt be able to hear her music. she called out to her father again.

i saw the boy stop just as the father turned. the sister lost. he smiled. she tried to put the ear piece on to listen to music again. the brother started his random noises of sounds. she laughed with a small smile as she looked away. tried to listen to music again, got disturbed again. she gave up, and followed her brother as he pointed at random moving things outside the bus.

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Posted by on October 19, 2009 in i-Reflect, i-Wish


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