Blog Action Day – Climate Change

15 Oct

Blog Action Day : Climate Change

because climate change touches on so many topics. geology, environment, ecology, astromony – solar radiaton, biology, agriculture, marine life, energy, etc…….

i’m just going to focus on things closer to my heart… oceans!

did you know that the global surface temperature increased about 0.74 deg cel over the past 100 yrs.

File:Instrumental Temperature Record.svg

What caused this increase in global temperature?

accelarated human activities such as deforestation (which includes burning large patches of forests), burning of fossil fuels, BLA BLA BLA which causes increase in green house gases (like carbon dioxide) that get trapped within the earth’s atmosphere. plus of course, ozone depletion and aerosol particles in air, etc…

Why is the increase in global temperature bad?

you see, when waters increase in temperatures, certain microscopic organisms (phytoplankton) cant adapt to that change. problem is, when they cant adapt, they either die or they dont populate. and these microorganisms are important because they are at the base of many foodchains.

when the primary producers fail to sustain, everything else along that foodchain suffers.

some animals like the sockeye salmon, being extremely sensitive to temperature changes, increase its metabolism at higher temperatures, which means it needs to eat more to accomodate the higher metabolic rate. but, what food do they eat, when they food they are supposed to eat are all dead because somewhere down the foodchain, they ran out of phytoplankton to eat!!

so some intelligent marine creatures start to move towards the poles, to compensate the increase in water temperatures.

but, when the ice caps melt, where do all these animals go??? where do all the penguins and polar bears and seals and sea lions go!?!?!?!?!?



nevermind these things die, cos we can always see them in other places right.

but, whats going to happen to the reefs that took thousands of years to bloom!!!

they start losing their colour (coral bleaching), which is actually caused by zooxanthellae. in case you didnt know, these zooxanthellae things produce food. so, if temperatures stay high for a period thats too long for the zooxanthellae to recuperate, these corals eventually die..

forget temperature rise… when dissolved in water, carbon dioxide becomes acidic. this acidity also causes phytoplankton to die. these photosynthetic microbes cant photosynthesize and and therefore cannot reduce the carbon dioxide levels in water, which snowballs the problem further. this acidic levels may just kill many crustaceans. acidity promotes coral bleaching. and thats sad.

perhaps we’ll have an ocean with no living organisms once day.

it had been projected that continuing these activities (and God know whatever more activities we’ll invent over the next 90 yrs) can cause a global temperature increase of up to 6.4 deg cel. just to give you a sense of what that means, an increase of global temperature of 10 deg cel will mean that there are no more ice on earth.. though it has happened before on earth, because the earth did go through hot and cold periods.

but that change from hot to cold and cold to hot took MILLIONS OF YRS!!! here we are talking abt decades!

So if this continues, we’ll have something that looks like this now,

File:Global Warming Map.jpg

looking all red all over!


so how can you help to reduce climate change?

1)  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as much as you can. and use less plastic.

2) reduce energy consumption by switching off power when not in use. one person may not make much of a change, but if everyone in the world makes a conscious effort, the change will be significant. switch off the main power points before sleeping.

3) Use energy saving appliances, like fluorescent bulbs. use fans instead of aircons.

4) reduce appliances where possible, like dishwashers and clothes dryers.

5) take shorter showers.

6) encourage others to conserve.

some personal choices that are more difficult to change

7) eat less meat, because livestock are releasing alot more gases than you think they are… all added up, does contribute to global warming

8) support people who work on renewable energy sources

9) support the planting of more trees that grow quickly

10) use public transport / walk / ride a bicycle

but im going to start heading towards the direction of getting a car, so, here are some green driving tips

– get a fuel efficient car

– keep the tyres properly inflated

– change air filter more frequently


this is Singapore’s Declaration on Climate Change, Energy and Environment.


and this is what im going to do to reduce climate change, so that i can help save the marine life…………………………………….

1) turn off main powers at night

2) take shorter showers

3) use less plastic

4) use energy saving appliances

5) practice green driving when i do get a car someday…


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3 responses to “Blog Action Day – Climate Change

  1. Lucie

    October 17, 2009 at 8:40 am

    Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.


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