blue ocean creatures…

13 Oct

this is a bluebottle jellyfish (Physalia utriculus)… commonly known as bluebottle.


this isnt 1 organism by itself. its a combination of a few types of itself, and each these groups have specialised tasks. like one group makes up the feeding part, one group makes up the reproductive part, one group makes up the tentacles part. and how long are these tentacles? they can grow from15 cm up to 10 m long….

long tentacles, yes, they do sting. and they sting big time… the poison from their tentacles can result in respiratory failure and paralysis.

this is what it looks like washed up on shore. the balloon is filled with nitrogen.

blue buttons  (Porpita porpita)

Blue Button "Jellyfish"-Squared

not true jellyfish… they are somewhat like the bluebottle jellyfish, made up of colonies of animals. each colony is responsible for something..

like jellyfish, they have nematocysts (stinging cells), but these tentacles are branched. normal jellyfish tentacles arent…

then there’s this other type, called by-the-wind sailors (Velalla velella)

also a type of jellyfish, but not the same genus.

cool isnt it… you know, jellyfish seem to be one of the keys to understanding evolution……. this isnt my area, but still, understanding how light sensing organisms developed from pre-jellyfish organisms, and how these 3 organisms here seems to be another subset, its not difficult to see that co-existence has been a long tested beneficial behaviour…

jellyfish are so cool…

though the idea of swimming amongst jellyfish sounds like swirling around air with bubbles floating around, its hardly the same, and i wouldnt dare go near anything that looks like a jellyfish…


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4 responses to “blue ocean creatures…

  1. Adam

    August 15, 2010 at 4:21 am

    Hey, love your website – Beautiful animal pictures. But try not to assume that everything evolved. You say “seem to” a lot. That’s because scientists just don’t know anything for sure, do they? Evolution is not proved, so science based on unproved theory is bad science. When I look at these amazing creatures, I think immediately of God’s creative power, and the life-lessons we humans can learn from these creatures and their behaviour. thats a nicer theory than impersonal evolutionary chaos and better for humanity.

  2. Monika

    May 15, 2011 at 5:05 am

    I like ur website:o) Jellyfish are awesome creatures!!!

  3. Alison

    November 26, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    Thanks for writing this – we found both by-the-wind sailors and blue bottles washed up at Makara beach near Wellington,NZ today. Had no idea what they could be until coming home and Google took me to your page. The by-the-wind sailors had all turned purple as they dried in the sun but ones still in the surf were blue. Only saw a few blue bottles but several thousand by-the-wind sailors.


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