‘N’ Level Bio Paper is over!!!

05 Oct

imagine the teacher blanking out for the students’  ‘N’ level bio paper….

i didnt even feel like this when i did my own exams..

gosh, when i got hold of the paper, i ran to my sec 5s, and asked them to do the paper… because i couldnt do the paper! I COULDNT ANS THE MCQ QNS!

i started seeing white spots around me. thought the rays from the sun were blinding, and a sweet student went to close the window panes. still no use. couldnt see parts of the classroom cos at times, the white spots just got bigger…

i told myself, “die die die…. they arent going to do well…”

“cher, dont worry, if they studied, they’ll do well”

“hiyah… you dont know one… they sometimes very stupid one….” i groaned and put my head on the table….

and my sec 5s laughed!

my babies and 4NA bio kids….. you guys arent stupid, i was really in a state of panic. at one point, i told the class that i might really just lose consciousness and they might have to carry me back.

and then, the kids gave me the answers for the N level bio paper… they even explained the question to me and corrected my mistakes…!


waited for the kids to come out of the exam hall, and i didnt even want to see them, cos i didnt want to hear bad news… but, one by one, they started showing signs of happiness, and slowly i recovered……..

heaved a really big sigh of relief… and then realised, that maybe i really did get paranoid. or to say, maybe my kids really arent as silly as i thought so (when i was in a moment of panic)………

BABIES and other 4NA kids……… last lap, dont screw up… only have A/E maths, geog, aesthetics… next monday, all over!!!!

yay… look at me getting all excited as if its my paper…

gosh, i think i’ll go paranoid again when we get the results in dec… i hope standardisation goes in favour of us…

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Posted by on October 5, 2009 in i-Blabber, i-Typical


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