02 Oct

can you get pregnant while you are pregnant?

though i keep telling kids that it doesnt work that way, there are always exceptions………. just like how the story of the duck-billed platypus being a mammal that lays eggs………

so, whats this superfetation abt?

apparently, this happens when your ovary releases an egg a few wks after the previous egg was released and already fertilised. which is an extremely rare phenomenon, cos the hormones released during ovulation will prevent another ovulation from happening, until those those hormones are destroyed.

whats more, is a second fertilisation happen. imagine the sperms propelling past the 3-week old embryo in the uterusand finding another egg… “boy, must the sperms be energetic!

according to wiki, this can happen only if there are 2 uteri (=uteruses), or there is another menstrual cycle after fertilization.

and then there’s something called superfecundation, which happens when 2 separate eggs are fertilised during 1 menstrual cycle…

if you are wondering whether both foetuses will be delivered together, well, the few cases that have been reported, have gone for C-section, and yes, both foetuses are taken out…

Personal update:

im feeling sick today. at around 5pm yesterday, i felt my throat getting prepared for a sore throat. and 3am this morning, i woke up from an awefully dry throat. “die die die…. sore throat” i thought……

went to brush my teeth and drank some water at 3am, and went back to sleep, with a throat still as dry as a desert. dragged myself out of bed this morning, and im sneezing in the artic staffroom now.

melted some honey in water and am drinking it, but my eyes still feel small and watery and im abt to fall fully sick like i always do when i get sore throat…….. my temperature is 36.7, but im feeling cold…

i’m so glad its invigilation today. no need to teach. wish i could run home early today, but have to settle my exam papers.

the yr is finally coming to an end….

its T-4 days to go……


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