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God vs Monkey

and the winner is…………..

god vs monkey


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The girl who lived in the dark

was scanning through channels today, when i chanced abt Discover Channel’s documentary abt a girl in China, whose cancer got worse when exposed to light…….

she has this condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum, where the skin is unable to recuperate after exposure to sunlight. in some cases, cells that havent recovered yet, become cancerous…….

Wan Lao Yang had to stay in the dark, in her remote village, had to stop school.

after her operature to remove the external cancerous tumour, her face looked more like a face. though still stained badly by all the skin grafts, discolouration and subsequent swelling.

her lost her ability to see from her left eye, and lost her left nostril.

even though she could only see from 1 eye, she said, “im happy. im happy that i can go to sch like other kids. i want to go to university one day and be successful”

i thought the episode ended then, only to find out that the cancer had spread to her lungs, and that she died in 2006………..

she had the sweetest smile…….


what does it mean to live life?

her spirit was remarkable.

arent we being too picky abt the smallest things in life.

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masters of disguise

10. malaysian orchid mantis

9. spiny rainforest katydid

8. scorpion fish

7. owl butterfly

it obviously looks like there’s a predator there instead of a prey!

6. dead leaf mantis

and in case you cant exactly see the mantis, here’s one hanging upside down..

5. leaf insect

and this leaf insect comes after praying mantis, because this leaf insect can still spot one, and eat it!

if you can spot the 2 organisms below…

4. flounders/flatfish 

3. sand flathead (platycephalus bassensis) 

 2. Satanic leaf tailed geckoA Satanic leaf-tailed gecko, a type of lizard that can camouflage itself to resemble a shrivelled autumn leaf, has been captured on camera in a stunning image. 

1. minic octopus

remember the invisible octopus? and the octopus that i saw at chek jawa. if thats not convincing enough, try this. an octopus that changes not only its colour/texture, but also its behaviour. to act like a flounder, sea snake, lion fish, and whatever else that hasnt been caught on tape!

this is so fantastic, a photo doesnt do it any justice.

and thats why, the octopus takes the no 1 spot!

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from bt timah to macritchie

6 hrs ppl…… 6 hrs…. we took that long, cos of various factors, that included my fitness level…

but at least we saw a whole lot of things!

a number of crickets. 

 we saw many many fig trees. here, there everywhere……. 

 and we saw nice termite house trails 

and ant trails.

and this cute little spider web…. first time seeing a zig zagged spider web in this manner……. ! 

we crossed rifle range rd, and im so grateful we didnt get to see the monkeys devils that confronted us the last time i went… (how to survive devil attacks)

we passed by the same place where we saw a monkey trying to open up a tied plastic bag to effortlessly, to get to its contents.

 we saw this cute snail, not the typical shell we usually see.


and this toad! 

i spotted this insect, that looked like this segmented body was falling apart, but then i realised the insect was that way…. 

and a plant that looks like its been infected with virus

and a pretty red/orange flower…

nice macaranga tribola with its modified sepals which houses ants.

this interesting looking fern. which splits into 2 at each terminal. end up looking like some alien creature!

we saw this small cute caterpillar…

finally at macritchie, we spotted a stealth Varanus salvator (WML). i thought it was a komodo dragon the last time we saw one at macritchie. and remember my dear friends calling out to it as if it was a doggy! haha..

and another monitor lizard in hiding. can you find it?

and at the end of it all……………. all muscle ache and all…….. we were sure that our end of yr camp will be a terrifying experience for our cadets… aaahahahaha……. *evil laughter*

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what kind of a nutcase would buy a life sized doll of Chucky!!??

crazy guy… we thought the guy must be just as psychopathic as Chucky, to be travelling on the MRT with Chucky! so it wasnt easy to get a photo of it……… obviously we didnt want the guy to spot us taking a photo of Chucky right………… so pardon me for the blurred shot.

creepy shit!

Disclaimer: not intented for kids below 12.






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old age…

i see my mom getting older by the day… she not 60 yet, but, stress, sadness, and age is catching up with her………

when she gets tired, she’s so tired that her voice changes. initially, i thought her throat was just dry, told her to keep drinking water.

even after a few cups of water, she still spoke as if she had a lump in her throat. that was when she was doing the savouries for Deepavali.

the second time, we went out to shop for jewellry and accessories, after 2 hrs, her voice changed again. it was then i realised, she’s so tired, she cant even speak properly. she cant sustain long hrs of multi-tasking, as she used to in her younger days.

she still carries heavy stuff. she still works, she still comes home to do housework, she still prepares dinner for us……….. she runs the household for us…

but, i worry for the day my mom gets so tired that the family falls apart. i dont know who can replace her dedication and energy for the family. i dont think ive done enough to make her happy………

and im afraid that one day, when my mom is gone, i’ll live to forever regret everything ive ever done to make her sad………..

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when was the last time you were really happy?

7th July 2000, 1-2pm.

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