strength to carry on…

18 Sep

i met him once, when he dropped me back in sch after our special needs course. then they went off to pick up their daughter, in preschool……

throughout the time before he came, she kept saying mushy things abt her husband.

i said, “you guys are gross!”

“why, he’s my darling what.. darrrrrrrrling baby… of cos we can talk like this” she giggled and said, as she pecked him over the phone and hung up…

i had goose bumps. “disgusting ppl”

that was the first time i knew the kind of couple they were. love for each other, still strong after 1 child. love for their child still growing.

each time i saw her after that, i’d remember how close she was to her husband.

though i was never close to him, im still having tears in my eyes. cos i know, if i lost a loved one with whom i was this close with, i’d be at my wits end. feeling like ive lost every meaning in living on. losing every strength to be the mother i was before he passed on.

i’m sorry for your loss. pray that you’ll find the strength to carry on in memory of him.

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Posted by on September 18, 2009 in i-Sad


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