giant sunfish

13 Sep

stumbled upon this creature when i was watching animal planet a few wks back…….. somehow never had the time to write abt it till now! haha…

check out some pictures of giant sunfish.

did you know that while the whale sharks is the largest creature in the ocean, the sunfish is the largest bony fish. since sharks have cartilege, instead of bones. but seems that while they are descendants of bony fish, alot of the sunfish’s bones are cartilaginous..

as an adult, this fish weighs up to a whooping 2000kg!!!! so you can imagine how much food sealions, orcas and sharks get when they predate upon one! bad thing is even humans consume it as a delicacy!

and all the sunfish eats to get this fleshy are jellyfish. hundred and hundreds of jellyfish.

its body is flattened and it propels its body using its dorsal fin, which is the same kind of fins you see in shark attack movies. the other fins, like the normal fish tail fins arent very effective. this fish also can swin horizontally. apparently to allow the sun to warm up its body..

btw, its scientific name is Mola mola.

cute creature isnt it…. awwww……

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