a day to last the whole yr

31 Aug

some of the gifts i recieved…. and you know what, (with no offense), this yr, i recieved alot more stuff that were meaningful and meant alot to me.

cards. with sincere words. and for the first time, i actually cried (dropped tears) over 3 students’ cards for me. after half a yr of sometimes feeling unappreciated or forgotten, i think maybe i did mean something to some students…….. so babies, you’ve successfully made me cry behind your backs…

thanks W for your innovative quote. “A teacher is like a enzyme. they remain unchanged after changing their substrate (student) to a product of a new and better student.”

🙂 thanks for thinking of me as such a teacher.

and the video dedications were really sweet.

and thanks to all the others who wrote me things and bought me stuff… i really do appreciate every gesture..

today will get me by for the rest of the yr…

* my babies are officially known as my babies, because even other trs have started saying, “your babies…” to me…

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Posted by on August 31, 2009 in i-Happy, my-Babies


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