sweet dreams, not.

20 Aug

got reminded of a not-so-sweet dream that i had a few wks ago…

i was called to some research facility in some ice-filled place like artic or antartic or iceland or some place TTE. i was supposed to have left on a stipulated date, except that i was held up somewhere for some reason and the plane that was supposed to bring me back to the rest of the world left without me. i remember getting out of the research facility just in time to see the plane lift off without me. and then i looked around me. patches of hard white, all around me. i felt isolated. dejected. alone. desperate. depressed. i think i was depressed for like 2 days, after which i got myself accustomed to the fact that im probably going to live the rest of my life with the freaks at the research facility. over the next few days, i was playing ice-related games with the other researchers on the patches of white. and suddenly, one day, i saw a plane landing towards me. out came my parents, and i heaved a huge sigh of relief as i ran out to hug them……….

YW commented that ive been watching too many movies..

i beg to differ.

for that few weeks, i had already been feeling like i wanted to be away from the rest of the world. just to get myself back on track. i literally wanted to disappear from everyone until i found myself back again. perhaps that manifested in my dream.

maybe the dream was to show that i didnt actually want to be alone…

perhaps my dream was a subtle way of telling me how i’d feel without my parents. cos ive not hugged either of my parents since i was in primary sch. or maybe kindergarden. i wouldnt know.

but dreams are such subtle ways to elicit your emotions. why do ppl usually feel better waking up after a bad night……… some ppl actually find answers to their questions. some make better decisions. some are more confident of their decisions.

what really goes on in your brain when you sleep….?

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Posted by on August 20, 2009 in i-Reflect


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