T3W7 roundup

16 Aug

1. what would you do without an iron??

a daily necessity. and no, i’m not one of those who does weekend ironing. i do it in the morning. so you can imagine my panic when i realised that the powerpoint that my iron was connected to was not working. “short circuit?” i wondered. but there were too many things to remove before i could get to the circuit breaker. yes. that was 6.40am already, and i was supposed to be at the traffic light at 6.50am.

daily necessity, yet no one really pays heed to the good old iron. can you imagine going to work with a crumpled shirt? i’ve learnt to respect the iron.

What would i have done if i didnt get to iron my clothes that morning?

2. learnt so many things this semester. i cant deny the advantages, through all the negativity i feel.

new class, new subject. physics. and i’ve been reading the NT textbook to teach the NT students what i learnt from their own textbook. i’ve learnt abt circuits, current, voltage, resistors, electricity. this week, i learnt abt fuse and circuit breakers. i actually learnt something, though i assume i must have learnt this when i myself was taught physics at sec 1 and 2.

Goon even went a step further to educate me, and now i think i understand V=IR. i think so. at least a glimpse of it. and i must really thank Goon for teaching me and being so helpful in giving me teaching ideas and suggestions. without him, learning physics would have been such a mundane chore.

3. rare intelligent conversation at break time.

not very often the 4 of us eat breakfast together. cos i normally dont have time to eat breakfast. a chem tr, an art tr, a maths tr and me. as weird as our personalities are, the conversation we had ranged from how character education should be to how evolution made us. from academically weak yet genuinely nice students to resolve in committment to the teaching profession.

having intelligent conversations are so fun, honestly, because of the mutual respect given during discussions and comments and compliments. ideas that spring out. smiles after you learn something new. its sheer joy, to participate in intelligent conversations.

4. NCC POP: supposed to be none of my business. but i knew the sec 4s, esp the USM.

so i went down to support their popping. the hand over was heart wrenching. the tekaning session after that was a tradition for NCC. but i had this sudden sense of loss. kids come. kids go. is it really worth forging a bond with these kids? will they remember us? do they have to remember us?

KW mentioned on friday that ultimately, teaching isnt abt the awards and PB and recognition and MSG. its what the students think of us. i think so too. so, i guess thats why it matters to me. whether i’ve made an impact on my students life.

have i made a difference?

5. On a totally irrelevant topic but still worth acknowledging.


and cos i think putting this on autoplay will irritate the faeces out of whoever reads this blog, i’m putting it here.

i totally love the rock version of canon d.

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One response to “T3W7 roundup

  1. samanthakrieger

    August 20, 2009 at 4:37 am

    I checked out your blog from your comment on wordpress to see how Sound Cloud worked. Pretty cool. I am glad they added this, I really hope they allow for GoogleAdSense next and things like that. God Bless.


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