more weird creatures (2)

12 Aug

flying gurnard

nope these fish cant fly. but these wing like structures are specific to this family of fish and they are just extended fins. the underside of their fins are also strikingly colourful, perhaps as a defense mechanism. they have also been seen to walk on sea floors.


one of the fiercest deep sea creature. its got needle like teeth, as you can see in the pic. hinged jaws, so it can open its mouth like really wide. it also has this long wire like structure that appears like a fishing line. and at the end of it, is has a light producing organ called photophore. seems that its used to attract prey.

goblin shark

apparently, the jaws of this shark can protrude out, when attacking prey. otherwise, the jaws are in line with the extended portion of the top of the head. they also seem pinkish because they have this semi-transparent skin.

weird creatures (1).

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